Özel Tasarım ve Renkler

To make sure our customers to get what they exactly need, we are here to provide 100% customer satisfaction. We can produce any requested special design, or print any inflatable product that you need.

Kaliteli Tutma Yerleri

We use only extra heavy-duty handles on all Delphis tubes. They are all designed to resist every rough situation to last longer than any other tube in the market.

Üstün Kalite

All tubes are made from premium, very durable K80 standard material and applied with great skill to make them the most dependable tubes on the market.

Müşteri Memnuniyeti

Our policy for our all of our products and services are consumer oriented, and 100% satisfied consumers are our company goal. Our endeavor is to provide the best products and service possible.

We offer full variety of quality Slide and Float Tubes in the market. Multi person tubes collection to append new thrill to your tube slides. Their smooth design makes them tour faster, more exciting ride. Multi person tubes are produced with heavier material, and for 3 person boats special ‘boat tail’ design provides a more stable ride than other straight back models.

Multi person tubes come in a variety of colors and include an attractive, 2-color print design with a ‘front arrow’ and Safety Warning Statement in various languages.

Each Delphis tube has our attractive print design with a ‘front arrow’ and safety warning statement in English, German, and French. Those designs on the tubes, or boats your park or sponsor’s logo, or custom wording to separate tubes for different slides can be printed as requested. Special size or shape not listed, call for designing the exact tube that you need.